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Bar Soap

Artisan Natural Soap Bars by Soladera Soaps

Our soap is made with high-quality essential oils and homegrown or responsibly wildcrafted botanicals from the plains and mountains of Colorado. We strive to use certified organic ingredients wherever possible. If ingredients are not certified organic, our commitment is to source as pure an ingredient as possible.

In addition to the items shown below, we have available a variety of additional bar soaps.

Please call 720-279-4721 to order:

Lemon Swirl

Gardener's Hand


Rose Confetti

Black Woods of Rosemary

Litsea Swirl

Laurie's Lavender Swirl

Ginger Poppyseed

Rosemary Peppermint


Pink CamoMint

Cocoa - Dark, Light

Moab Fab 4x4

Lime Lemon

Rose Lemon Swirl

Cocoa Peppermint

Mint Confetti

Kitchen & Camp